Current Project is on Career Counselling - Find your true passion

Career Counselling is an element that can change the fate of a person in which one is oriented and intended to serve his or her life for the betterment of society. Yet, this element and aspect is not even under the radar in rural and underprivileged areas of Pakistan, especially among females. I belong to a village near Sindh where this aspect is not even understandable by the university students. Hence, there is a great need of overcoming this barrier so that young students those who are in Colleges and Universities can explore their interests and the right profession to opt in.

The purpose of this project is to

1. Spread awareness of the Importance of Career Counselling among females in underprivileged areas of Pakistan (as due to a male-oriented society females are deprived of equal opportunities)
2. Highlight the issue of the lack ness of career counselling with help of female role models

career counselling - stem education in Pakistan

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