The State of STEM in Pakistan

The State of STEM in Pakistan Americans seem to know that sky is not the limit and plan to settle on the moon. Chinese adding their yin to this yang are set to launch their artificial sun. The world is already witnessing the fourth industrial revolution but we unfortunately continue to linger in the medieval…

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stem education and doctor of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy: A STEM Career by Hafsa Bibi

Doctor of Pharmacy: A STEM Career Perspective Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) is a professional doctorate degree to practice the profession ofpharmacy, a multidisciplinary program with the aim of producing a pharmacist equipped withbetter clinical skills to provide pharmaceutical care and ensure rational use of drug. Pharm-D students are equipped with detailed information on physiologic and…

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what is stem education

What is STEM Education by Wajeeha Mateen

What is STEM Education? INTRODUCTION Hey! My name is Wajeeha Mateen and I am a final year student of BS Biosciences. I love creativity and see this world from different perspectives. I am currently researching on single nucleotide polymorphisms in autoimmune diseases and I aim to get an advanced research degree in biosciences with a…

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