The education of the mother and her reflection in the success or failure of the children

The mother, in addition to her obligations as a spouse, also has the dedication as a governess, tutor, nurse, nutritionist, chef, financial administrator, domestic teacher, sentimental counselor, family police officer, etc. She builds more solid loves with her children and more solid loves. She does not seek the extraordinary, but she makes the ordinary extraordinary. She acts in the present, to change the future. She accepts the reality that she has to live, but she is always willing to continue fighting to improve it. She helps to achieve a love with a solid base, with very good points, such as taking advantage of conflicts and capitalizing on them.

The more educated a mother is, the more likely her children are to succeed in the future, and conversely, the less educated the mother is, the more likely the children are to fail. The children who stand out, in any environment, poor or rich, are those who have a well educated mother, who has transmitted with her example and with good didactic lessons, what they knew, felt and learned.

The mother has to keep in mind that, given the unfortunate number of divorces, which is increasing every day, she will have to anticipate the possibility of it happening to her and the solutions she has to be able to continue, with the maintenance and education of the children. , who will probably stay with her. She, therefore, will have to prepare herself financially, professionally and socially, to reduce the great shock that this new situation supposes.

The mother together with the father, form a unit of destiny and both have equal functions, non-negotiable and inalienable, in their obligations to educate their children. They may give up the task of educating their children, but they can never give up the responsibility of doing so. They may have very significant differences in form, but not in substance, about the education of their children. These differences must be complementary, but must never exempt them from their main obligations. Sometimes she will have to act, like the good cop and the bad cop, but always in agreement with each other and for the benefit of her children.

The mother does not have to be so perfectionist, that she sours the existence of the children, by the continuous reprimands of her in any case, however small it may be. She must have the difficult criterion of knowing how to stretch and let go, as in trout fishing, until she achieves the objectives that she, as a mother, has set herself. They have in their genes the innate education, for upbringing and for teaching their children from birth, to make their way in life by instilling in them the virtues and human values ​​that the mother knows and practices.

The mother must take advantage of every failure of the children, as an example to take a step towards their perfection. It is more important to take advantage of the failure of the children, to try to improve them, than to punish them, which sometimes does not lead them to realize the alternatives for overcoming that they could obtain with that failure. She has to be realistic and that the important thing is not to mediate the times that the children fall, but the times that she has contributed, to get them up. Mothers have to set the bar for education, as high as possible, so that their children try to reach it. If they lower the expectations of success in religious, school, family and social education, unfortunately it is almost certain that they will be fulfilled, although they could have gone much further if they had proposed it, and had guided them along the right path of discipline and responsibility.

74 virtues and human values ​​that the mother must learn, practice and teach her children, regardless of those that, as a spouse, correspond to her:

Abnegation. Happiness. Amiability. Friendship. Love. Self-discipline. Goodness. Diligence. Discipline. Character. Coherence. Comprehension. Confidence. Knowledge. Constancy. Control. Conversation. Courage. Cordiality. To give. detachment. Dialogue. Discretion Education. Example. Delivery. Enthusiasm. Listen. Effort. Critical spirit. Faith. Fidelity. Training. Strength Generosity. Honesty. Modesty. Humor. Justice Leadership. Maturity. Obedience. Conscientious objection. Optimism. Prayer. Order. Patience. Peace. Sorry. Perfection. Perseverance. Piety. Life plan. Prudence. Modesty. Puntuality. Rectitude. Reflection. Religiosity. Respect. Responsibility. Sacrifice Serenity. Sincerity. Solidarity. Service. Temperance. Tenderness. Weather. Tolerance. Worked. TRUE. Shame. Will. Etc.

The children not only inherit her genetic traits from the mother, but also a large part of her good or bad education. I refer to education as a set of academic, religious, virtues and values, family, social, artistic training, etc. The mother represents the family roots and makes the entire fabric of the family tree have her sustenance in those roots. That is why she leaves an indelible mark on the education of her children, which she leaves with

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