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Stem education stands for Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It beholds all majors that are the base of any degree, any educational field, or skill.

Stem education wants to make new generation more skillful, and more provoking. After realizing that the education of the globe moving towards cramming, and only revising older subjects, Stem education took a great initiative to work on skills, on science to make more Newton, Einstein in near future. stem education realized that there is a lack in the system that’s why unemployment raised and many other issues like anxiety, depression raises because we didn’t know the purpose of our lives. traditional education does not teach us how to overcome them.

Pakistan is now facing the same issues. Our education lacking all these things. Besides these, we do rather not know what to teach our student’s government books or oxford books .other issues are far beyond after that. It’s a time to revolutionize our education system. we need to work on stem education and impose the science of stem education in our system. Stem education is a base of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, it has been given rise to courses from four of these majors. And now many courses evolve that work on critical thinking, experimenting, and creating new things.

According to research, In Pakistan, almost 6.65 million people are unemployed ,in them mostly are graduates and youth. So don’t we need to work on our education and industry revolution? When will we work on these things that going to be worse and worse? we are neglecting the talent of our youth. We are destroying them with the old notions and systems. As a youth, we need to take a step together. Stem education can be a massive change just like bitcoin nowadays.

Another thing we need to formulate in our education is internships and workshops through that the students can learn and know about skills and techniques through their related fields of seniors. stem education promotes that thing because stem education promotes experimenting, Unfortunately, in our system institutions not allowed us to do internships before 6 semesters, and after that, there is always a free-cost internship. But after 6-semester students want to earn and at this stage learning phase is lost because earning is more important than learning for students. It’s a bitter fact because parents also look at the children for a job, results, and so on 

So, I think there is a vast need of stem graduates for our education industry in Pakistan because we need students who wanted to learn, who have no worries for jobs. After all, they can bring change. Our youth contains huge talent they just need the right way, a direction, an opportunity and stem education holds this. Even the ex-president of the United states Barak Obama accepted its importance and now all the developed countries worked on it.


Writer: Aliya Arooj 

University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, UVAS

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