‘STEM Education and Surgical Techniques’

surgeons doing surgery| surgical techniques

STEM Education:

The current generation is of science and technology, and one can take advantage of all modern technologies by having an understanding of them. This development of understanding regarding anything cannot be done by cramming things but by STEM that is nothing; just understanding and problem-based study. STEM is important because it teaches you critical thinking and promotes the passion for innovation that is necessary to survive in this complex and competitive world.

In short STEM is:

  • STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering and mathematics

These topics are the most talked about in education. Now, what exactly is STEM? As we all have been studying science, mathematics and many other subjects since we were kids, but in traditional study style, they are taught in a way that students have separate compartments of them in their brains because they are never taught the connection between these fields and they are unable to integrate them, resulting in being incapable of utilizing their capabilities and to make innovation to ease human life by solving the problem mankind face every new day.

STEM provides a new approach to learning, teaching and learning styles. It provides something to every individual student according to their interests. STEM emphasizes technology and integrated these subjects in a way that connects discipline and relate them to each other.

STEM is getting so much attention and popularity worldwide since it focuses on developing a high level of thinking skills by connecting students’ daily classroom with real-world problems and making them use their creativity and come up with a solution that becomes an innovation.

Surgical Techniques:

Techniques are the procedures to carry out any artistic work and scientific practical. They are very important as it trains our movement in a specific pattern to perform our work efficiently, without knowing a way of how to do something in any discipline whether it’s scientific, artistic or even our daily life work will become a frustration or threat to our lives.

Surgical techniques are those that a doctor or surgeon acquires to perform surgeries. In it, one must know how to use instruments used for incision, repairing of damaged parts or to arrest body disease and the most important part of surgical technique is to control the flow of blood of patients during their surgeries because limiting the blood loss aids the minimization of the usage of other’s stored or donated blood or blood products. There are various surgical methods like Thoracoscopy, Endoscopy, gastroscopy, etc. All these require skills to perform without them a doctor or surgeon is nothing but just a so-called executioner.

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