Computer Science is a field of science that depicts the empirical research methods of how the internet work and its social and cultural impacts on how the technology may be utilized to identify problems and to break them down into solutions using coding. Computer science has a vast area of study which includes software creation, IOS development, visual computing, networking, etc. As we know that this era revolves around technology, the more the societies are advanced in technology the more they are ahead of other nations in respect of growth. Technology and computer science education are commonly cited as crucial in closing the income gap between developed and undeveloped countries. STEM on the other hand, as its name suggests is the attire of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and has a quite boosting initiative to expose students from all over the country to these subjects in such a way that their learning should be solely hands-on, and project based. Computer science is a synthesis of all the STEM disciplines and students must study STEM disciplines to become Computer Scientists because technology and computers are honestly all around us. In the twenty-first century, problem-solving is inextricably linked to engineering and technology, and particularly requires competencies related to computer science (CS). A standards-aligned computer science curriculum provides pupils with engaging avenues for stem learning. Computer science may also make use of game-based learning, tie engineering and math learning together, and create tailored learning paths for novice, intermediate, and advanced learners equally. This field of study is also important because today all the work is done on computers. Many of us know how to use computers but we don’t always comprehend how it works. However, to keep developing and producing new technologies, we must first understand how the technology functions.

Since technology is everywhere, many home tasks that were once carried out in person are now carried out digitally, including banking, shopping, travel planning, and socializing. Given the increasing integration of technology into many parts of daily life, all students should benefit from a practical understanding of how computers work—beyond the mere use of apps so students need to start grasping knowledge about STEM and Computer Science as soon as possible. It will not only improve the critical thinking skills of the students but also enhance their general learning abilities. Computer learning activities also foster a growth attitude and other social-emotional learning qualities like drive and perseverance in students. Moreover, another significant advantage is that it will open prosperous gates of success for students in the future as graduates with computer science skills are an incredible asset for any nation’s economy. So, students are highly encouraged to acquire these skills and play their role in their country’s economic growth. As stated by the US Department of Education,

“Computer science (CS) is not about … how to use a word processor or create a spreadsheet. CS is about gaining computational thinking skills and a critical skill set that all students should have in the 21st Century workforce…”

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