STEM and Civil Engineering

STEM and Civil Engineering

What Do Civil Engineering Graduates Do?

Civil engineering is the basic engineering branch that combines materials and techniques in the best way and deals with the plan, project, construction and inspection of structures. Civil engineers work on all kinds of buildings, dams, airports, bridges, roads, aqueducts, ports, sewers, water networks, tunnels, conventional and high-speed railway projects, subway, etc. It conducts training and research on the planning, design, construction and control of service and industrial buildings.[2][3][4] Civil engineering, which is also accepted as the mother of engineering, is the oldest basic engineering branch after military engineering[5] and the English word meaning of civil engineering was first introduced in the 18th century. It was also used to distinguish non-military engineering studies from military engineering.[6]
Civil engineering is one of the founding engineering fields. Since civil engineering covers a wide area, there is a need to specialize in various branches. Major of these fields are environmental engineering, geotechnical, municipal or urban engineering, coastal engineering, surveying information, structural engineering, foundation engineering, water engineering, materials science, transportation engineering etc. are subjects.What is Civil Engineering Department? The aim of the Civil Engineering department is to be able to design and supervise large projects such as skyscrapers, roads, bridges, tunnels, to ensure the progress of the project in accordance with the budget, to calculate the materials to be spent within the scope of the project, to attach importance to the suitability of the projects for the environment, to be suitable for group work, and to work on occupational health and safety.
STEM and Civil Engineering
STEM and Civil Engineering
To educate students who will give importance to safety rules with scientific education. Civil engineering department is a 4-year undergraduate department affiliated to the engineering faculty. Civil engineering graduates are given the title of Civil Engineer. Persons who will become civil engineers are required to have good relations with mathematics and physics, effective in group work, disciplined, inclined to use computer programs, creative, disciplined, responsible, and characteristics. How Many Years is the Education Period of the Civil Engineering Department? In the Department of Civil Engineering, a 4-year undergraduate education is given.
Students must complete 240 ECTS and compulsory internships to graduate. What are the Civil Engineering Department Courses? Civil engineering students are held responsible for their success in many numerical courses throughout their education life. Candidate students who have civil engineering department in their preference list; Introduction to Civil Engineering, Physics, Maths, Chemical, Technical Drawing for Civil Engineering, General Materials Science, Mechanical, Construction materials, Measurement Information, Soil Mechanics, They will be responsible for many courses, especially for 4 years. If they successfully complete these courses, they will obtain the “Civil Engineering Undergraduate Diploma”. Students who have successfully completed all the compulsory courses for 4 years and are entitled to receive a diploma can also turn to the profession of academics if they are successful in the required exams.

Civil engineers can take part in all stages from planning to inspection in many buildings planned to be produced. has the opportunity to work.

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