for understanding, I introduce STEM Organization briefly

STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics. Unlike traditional education experiences in which subject areas are concentrated on separately, STEM education emphasizes tetechnology and integrates subjects in ways that connect disciplines and relate them to each other briefly education helps in crictical thinking, making decisions, and understanding the major concepts more easily

 As we all know World is changing people all around the world want to work on facts not on mmyths. everyone prefers to see things practically .stem is the exact organization that fulfills today’s man’s needs. Now Every state appreciated the working of stem education. Ex-president of America “Barack Obama’s“wanted to amplify stem education to the world where students clear their concepts not just cramming the books.


let me introduce myself I am aliya arooj doing bs biochemistry.

the subject that works on reactions, processes of living organisms  ( basically the study of the human body physically)

in biochemistry, we work on DNA, RNA, METABOLISM, PROTEINS FORMATION, GENETICS, MOLECULES, Medicine formations, and so on 

it’s a vast field to work on 

Biochemistry helped science to make technology more useful, to make medicine effective


stem education helped biochemists and the students who are learning about it by giving them a platform to explore science and technology more skillfully 

To make facts with your research 

make new drugs, new apparatuses, types of machinery, and drive new methods in different biological tests.

It helps students to learn about atoms, molecules, metabolism more easily


Daniel Fried, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry at Saint Peter’s University, has developed a new vision for teaching STEM to children. He relates biochemistry with music and daily routine things that helped students to understand concepts.

he helped students to think about why we need oxygen and how the processes undergo in our body 

 According to him “My job is to find the exercises that result in rapid improvement. The program is not about going through a textbook and memorizing information.”

The artist Betty Edwards developed a theory and wrote a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, which involves decoupling the symbolic, or left brain, from the abstractive, or right brain, so the person draws what they see and not what they think. 

Science is all about observation and I think it has a close connection to observing


our Kids want to learn. They are not tired of learning. their brain can pick things more quickly rather than an adult 

so we should make this quality more productive through stem education. The easy part is teaching the kids. They naturally want to learn and they are approaching the material with new eyes. I think kids have more potential than we realize. We can clear their concepts with biochemistry .

By: Aliya Arooj

UVAS Lahore


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