STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

It is a special course of study introduced to highlight the importance of these fields in the educational system as these subjects are the leading stairs to development of a country.

Countries across the globe, especially developed countries, prioritize and invest in these subjects and hence have been successful in growing economically. 

state of stem in pakistan
state of stem in pakistan

STEM was first launched by scientific administration in U.S as SMET. They introduce importance about SMET and help the schools of U.S to emphasize these subjects at more extraordinary level and help children to become more successful at their specialties.

STEM is launched and introduced in Pakistan in 2021, the idea was given in 2020 and by the hard work of óur leaders it is finally here in our country to give our schools our society our country much more benefits.

In Pakistan special libraries, laboratories, and modules are being constructed according to STEM education and special training are given to teachers at schools.

At first government schools are given priorities in Pakistan as most our population goes to government schools and are less developed in Pakistan. 

In the first phase 450 schools are covered in Pakistan.

Students of standard 9 to 12 are being enrolled in STEM project. According to their ability and talent they are assigned in STEM education and special concern will be given to students in their respective subject.

STEM will lead schools on practical perspective and critical perspective.

STEM is a leading project for Pakistan which will lead it to success and more improved education in society.

Education is the key of success and development, countries over globe are trying to improve quality education and Pakistan will not be stepped back, Pakistan is going to improve education through STEM Education and Pakistan has taken its first step by lauching it.

STEM project and it’s consern courses and FREE. 

First course is coming soon.. CRITICAL THINKING 


By: Vineeta Devi


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