STEM Education in Pakistan

Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM Education can lead
individuals to new horizons in the rapidly developing 21st century. It offers its members a complete
package to be successful and understand the basics of major disciplines and take these to climax from a
different angle. It also helps the individuals of multiple disciplines to understand each other better and
go hand in hand for a better society.

I am Abdur Rahman Baig, a veterinarian by profession and enthusiastic learner. My job is to treat sick
animals, managing healthy animals to keep their welfare. Animals are part of our ecosystem and
essential for food chains and food webs. Today’s increasing population and industrialization are pruning
animals to the threat of extinction. By promoting the adoption and love of animals as pets and livestock
in people, we can’t only prevent their extinction but also protect our environment from the harmful
effects of animal extinction.

Being a veterinarian, I can help people by educating them on how to keep pet and livestock animals,
their feed and housing requirements, and animal welfare. Also educating people on the role and need of
animals for our existence.

It integrates with technology and science in building houses or ponds, providing necessities that animals
require for survival, growth, and continuity of species including feeding, heating, ventilation, cleaning,
and lighting system. Then the role of mathematics in deciding the animal holding capacity of the house
or aquarium, and calculating feed, water, and ventilation requirements, etc.

It also involves the subjects of economics and social sciences as animals are the source of income for
people and their social life by sharing knowledge and experience and interacting with each other.


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